Welcome to onefactorytrade.co!



     1. How to order?


        1) Direct place orders on our website.

    2) Select the items on our website, then send ID of product to us.

   3) Check our web albums, send us the links of products or picture of products.

   4) Offer us picture of product that you need.

        5) Pay for the orders and send us your information including name, phone number, address, post code,




     2. How to order if the products price is $0?

         You can add the products to your order, we will added the best price of products in order confirmation


     3. What is Drop Shipping?


         We also offer dropshipping service.  You sell and we ship!  You never need to keep any inventory. 

         We ship the items to your clients.


         The advantages of drop shipping are:

         1) No inventory.

         2) No shipping.

         3) You buy wholesale and retail.

         4) Distributor supplies product information and new products.

     4. Are your products size exact?


         Sure, all our products size in International standard.